Think Less, Live More

To be happy, you only have to learn one thing: how to quiet your mind.

When you learn to think less, worry less, and plan less, you automatically start living and enjoying life more. When you learn how to stop analyzing, examining evaluating, judging, and trying to figure everything in your life out, you find yourself becoming happier, easily and effortlessly.

As I said in my book, Joy from the Inside Out, “You can’t appreciate what you’re too busy analyzing, and you can’t enjoy what you’re too busy examining and evaluating.”

When you learn to quiet your mind, things start figuring themselves out; life starts improving itself. You become happier without any additional effort. And when you become happier, your life becomes more successful in myriad ways, too, as a result of that.

Science has found this to be true in study after study. The happier you are, the more money you make, the more successful you become, the better relationships you have, the more love you attract, the better health you experience, the longer life you enjoy, and so on. Happiness really does make your dreams come true.

The key to happiness – and making your dreams come true – then, is learning how to stop thinking yourself out of happiness, out of the happiness that is already inside you?

Believe it or not, a quiet mind becomes happy mind over time…

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