Living In the Moment

Living In the Moment

Meditation is not what you think.

In fact, it’s not what anybody thinks. Meditation is what happens when you don’t think – when you simply observe the mind without judgment.

Meditation is inner stillness and silence. When thoughts no longer disturb you, there is stillness and silence. That inner stillness and silence is meditation. In that stillness and silence is peace, love, and happiness.

In other words, meditation means living in the moment. It means being completely present. If you are looking at something and thinking about it, that is not meditation. If you are looking at something and not thinking about it, that is meditation.

Meditation is not about doing anything special with your body – it’s not about a certain posture, breathing technique, or ritual. It really has nothing to do with any of that.

Meditation is not about doing anything special with your mind, either. It’s simply sitting and watching whatever is happening inside you – thoughts, emotions, sensations – without any judgment.

Can you simply sit, do nothing with your body or mind, and watch your mind for a little while without judgment… without a goal… without wanting anything in the world to be different or better?

In other words, meditation is a quality, the quality of living in the moment without too much on your mind. Meditation is a quality, the quality of presence. It is not something you do once a day – it is something you do all day. It is something you do while you are walking and talking, sitting and sleeping, listening and loving. It’s a way of experiencing everything that is relaxed, fully present, and fully alive. When you are totally present with whatever you’re doing or whomever you’re with, when you are totally in the moment and not distracted by other thoughts at all, you are in meditation; you are present, Presence itself.

You are happy, and that happiness is called meditation. Meditation – living in the moment, living in the present, being present without too many thoughts on your mind – is the experience of happiness, unconditional happiness.

Meditation leads to happiness, and happiness leads to love. Meditation gives you happiness, and love helps you share the happiness you found in meditation with others. Meditation gives you the treasure, and love lets you share it with the world. Meditation teaches you how to better enjoy yourself – that’s happiness. When you learn how to better enjoy yourself, you learn how to better enjoy others, too – that’s love.

Then, out of meditation, your whole life changes. You begin to attract all sorts of positive people and life experiences.


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