How to Get Everything You Want

Everybody is looking for happiness.

No matter what we think we are looking for in life, we all just want to be happy – isn’t that true? Whether it’s health, wealth, fame, success, love, sex, or whatever, we all just want to be happy – isn’t that true?

To me, that’s what life is about: learning to be as happy as humanly possible. When you’re happy, everything else starts falling into place. All of the other things you want in your life – things like money,  success, a loving partner, good health, a long life, a beautiful body, or whatever – start showing up on their own, without all the hard work and effort you’re used to.

Science agrees: Contrary to popular opinion, success doesn’t lead to happiness; happiness leads to success! As I said in my first book, Happiness from the Inside Out, “Happiness isn’t only the greatest success. Happiness also leads to success, too!”

Happy people make, on average, $670k more over the course of their entire lifetime than unhappy people; get married earlier, stay married longer, and are happier with their relationships, whether they are married or not, than unhappy people; experience less job burnout and receive better performance reviews than unhappy people; are healthier, require fewer doctor visits, and live 6-7 years longer than happy people; and so on. In other words, the happier you become, the more successful you become in all ways, and science supports this.

So, if you want to be a better lover, find a new lover, or connect better with your current lover; make more money and be more successful; be healthier, lose weight, and live longer; or whatever, you have to learn how to be happier without all of that stuff, first. Then, as you get happy, those things begin showing up in your life, easily and effortlessly, without your taking anxious thought for them at all.

The only question then becomes: “How can I learn to become happy without all the things I want so that I can easily and effortlessly attract all the things I want?”

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