How to Find Love Today

The first step –  the only step necessary – for finding love today is to start loving yourself today. When you start loving yourself, you automatically start loving others, and others automatically start loving you back; you instantly feel more love for others, and others instantly feel more love for you.

To love yourself doesn’t mean anything difficult. It simply means to stop judging yourself. When you stop judging yourself, you automatically stop judging others, and other automatically stop judging you, too. And even if they don’t stop judging you, you aren’t affected by their judgment in the same way anymore; you don’t take their judgment personally. Then, without any additional effort, you instantly feel more love for other people (your partner included) and other people (your partner included) instantly feel more love for you.

In one fell swoop – when you stop judging yourself and start loving yourself – you become more lovable and the whole world becomes more lovable, too.

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