Robert is a happiness coach & author.


He writes and speaks to people about how to live happier lives from the inside, out.
Robert’s work has been endorsed by Oprah and Vanessa Williams, among many others.
In addition to serving as a Celebrity Love Coach for the television show, Famously Single, on E!, Robert has been a featured guest expert for shows like The Today Show, Good Morning America, Entertainment TonightCBS Early Show, The Balancing Act, and and magazines like Self, Health, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and Upscale.
Robert has also served as a National Media Spokesperson, Management Consultant, and Executive Coach for companies like Capital One, FitBit, Buffalo Wild Wings, Microsoft, Carnival Cruise Lines, Deloitte Consulting, McCormick & Spice, IFF, Plus Consulting, and Falcon Credit Management.


Robert was born in Pennsylvania. He was educated at Swarthmore College, where he received his Bachelors of Science in Psychology, and the University of Pennsylvania, where he received his Masters in Applied Positive Psychology (M.A.P.P.), an ivy-league degree held by only a few dozen people in the world.

Robert lives in Los Angeles.

The real story….

I write and talk to people about how to find peace, love and happiness from the inside, out.


Like most people, I learned to be happy the hard way. In fact, at some point, I was so unhappy that I seriously contemplated suicide. I even began researching ways to do it.


Around that time, however, the most unexpected thing happened. While I seriously contemplated suicide, I found myself feeling deeply peaceful for no reason at all. Without changing anything in my life, something began to shift inside me. Suddenly, all seemed well with me.


When this happened, I decided to postpone suicide.


I didn’t give up the idea altogether, but I decided to delay it for little while. Actually, an hour. I decided to postpone it for one hour. But, then, something happened. That hour turned into a day. That day turned into a week. That week turned into a year. And before long, that year turned into a decade… and more.


During that time, I went from working for a management consulting firm in Philadelphia… to working as a fashion model and professional actor in Miami…. to attending and graduating from an ivy-league masters program in Positive Psychology at UPenn… to opening my own coaching practice in Los Angeles.


During that time, I wrote books; appeared in magazines and on national television shows; and helped countless people, including celebrities and everyday people alike, find real peace, love and happiness.


Of course, none of that would’ve happened if I had killed myself.


Since then, I’ve dedicated my entire life to understanding, deepening, integrating, and sharing that experience – and everything I’ve learned about peace, love and happiness – with others… with people like you.


Let’s go on this journey together.  Ready?